“Connection over Perfection”

-Jayme Ford

I am a mother. I am a wife to my best friend. I am a lover of live music and a sucker for sentiment. My soul is deeply nostalgic, which is what brought me to this photography journey. I want to remember everything. Their little toes, their messy hair, the way they hold my hand. I regularly go through my wedding photos and relive the best party ever. I document my own family constantly, even the less than perfect moments. I want those pictures, so I want to capture those moments in time for others. From the biggest best days to the little, tiny, everyday moments that may seem insignificant now, but fill in all the gaps. It goes so fast and I want you to have it forever.

I want to tell your story. I want to give you something that will live for generations. Photos are our legacy and communicate to future generations who we were and the beautiful lives we lived.

We all post pictures on Facebook, but there's something special about a professional photo, something that's not just getting lost on the Internet. I want to help you keep these moments in your hearts, in your heads, and in your home, in frames, on walls, and in albums.