starting price $300
45 minutes- 1 hour
professional editing
delivered via an online gallery


starting price $400
1-2 hours
professional editing
delivered via an online gallery


starting price $2400
6-10 hours of coverage
professional editing
delivered via an online gallery


starting price $1000
3 hours of coverage
professional editing
delivered via an online gallery

When booking a session, you are making an investment in your family's memories. I work really hard to capture authentic moments between you and your loved ones that simply cannot be achieved via a cellphone or a tripod.  All sessions are minimally posed and strive to capture a genuine experience that you can treasure for a lifetime. I hope to create images that will be loved for generations and fill the walls of your homes.

All sessions are styled to relieve the stress of wardrobe planning and to ensure that you and your family are coordinated perfectly to achieve the right amount of texture and color to suite the location of your session.

Our time together will typically be an hour long. I deliver the proof images via an online gallery. From here you pick the number of images included in your package. I then hand edit the images and deliver them back to you using the same online gallery. This does not apply to weddings as all images are provided in wedding coverage.

Session specials, referral bonuses, and giveaways are announced via the Taryn Shultz Photos facebook and instagram pages. Please email me if you have any questions about availability or something not covered below.


Q: how does pricing work?

A: When you book a $50 deposit is due (weddings is 50% deposit). you can then pick from my packages. The remainder is due the day of the session. I then deliver a proof gallery and you choose your favorite images according to the number that is included in your package. If you want more than you originally thought you would, you are more than welcome to upgrade at this point. (Wedding galleries are all inclusive).

Q: who is your ideal client?

A: I work best with clients that are all about letting the session flow and trusting me to capture great images of them having fun with each other. People that are into getting real moments of themselves with their loved ones and aren’t afraid to get dirty, wet, or adventurous. I want you to remember that this was a moment of authenticity! If you are looking for perfectly posed shots, feel free to email me for a referral

Q: Your sessions take place at sunset and our baby(kid) will be tired, can we shoot earlier?

A: I have photographed tons families and I have never had an inconsolable, grumpy kid at a sunset session. Remember that I keep my sessions pretty short, about 45 minutes to an hour. When kids arrive at the location where we are shooting, to them this is not the same as you keeping them awake at home. This place is fun and new, I am a new person and I make the whole thing very playful. It is ALWAYS worth shooting late to get pretty light. If you feel you cannot shoot into the evening, you can opt for an in-home session earlier in the day. In order to stick to my creative vision and so you can get the types of shots and light you hired me for, I can’t meet you earlier in the day.

 Q: I am worried about my child’s behavior. What should I do?

A: Don’t stress it! I am a mom and I know exactly how you are feeling. My sessions are very play-based. While I aim to get at least one nice posed, family shot, I mainly look to give kids a chance to play and be silly. Instead of telling your child they are going to get pictures taken, say they get to go the (park, creek, mountains, farm) and a fun lady will be there with a camera

 Q: can I have the unedited images?

A: The short answer is no, you can’t. The longer answer is an unedited image is an unfinished image and its not what you paid me for. You saw something in my work and I deliver that work only in the finished form.


A: I highly recommend ordering prints through our professional vendors, but it is not required. The difference in quality is huge when it comes to ordering through a local printer and a professional lab, so I encourage clients to use my preferred printer. 

 Q: My partner is not interested in getting pictures taken. Any tips?

A: I tell clients to explain to your significant other why this is important to you, that is an hour of their time, and one day your kids will be happy they were in the photos with them. I also encourage an adult beverage before hand if they’re really not into it. OR just come alone with your kids! Do not miss a chance to be in a photo with your kids. You will treasure those mementos (as will your kids) in a few years as you look back on how small they were.